Why the color of hot-dip galvanized hexagon bolt is gray

After the hot-dip galvanizing of the hexagon bolts, the color of the surface of the zinc layer is indeed not as bright as the electro-galvanized bolts. This is obviously different. After the hot-dip galvanized hex bolt is finished, its surface color is matt, and everyone's naked eye is different in light sensitivity, so we can only take a look at the color of the conventional hot-dip galvanized hex bolt and under what conditions It looks brighter, and in which environment, which hot-dip galvanized bolts appear darker.

First of all, the color of hot dip galvanized hexagon bolts is gray or gray, depending on the following conditions:

The first is the quality of zinc raw materials. Generally speaking, it is normal for the color of hot-dip galvanized bolts to be gray. If it is very gray, it is not normal. Although the hot-dip galvanized bolts are matt, they are also matt. It will not be dull. If it looks gray and unacceptable, you can first consider the quality of the zinc raw material. If the raw material is a non-standard zinc block, then this bolt must be plated with a particularly gray color. . If the color produced in this case is gray, it is a quality problem.

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