Control Principle Of Anchor Bolt

Many machines are composed of fasteners, and only through it can various parts be connected together to form a whole. However, in the design process of the machine, most people mainly focus on the structure, function, life or operating rate of mechanical equipment, and finally consider the selection of fasteners, often ignoring the specifications, accuracy, level. The inner diameter of the hole on the surface of the grooved steel plate is only 1mm larger than the outer diameter of the design anchor bolt, and its center is consistent with the design. When the anchor bolt is sleeved in it, the maximum displacement deviation of each bolt can be 0.5mm, any two The maximum displacement deviation that the bolt can produce is 1mm, so as to ensure that the center displacement between any bolts in the same bolt group reaches the construction pre-control target ≤ 1mm. Because the precision control of the special fixture itself is better, as long as the special fixture is accurate with the independent bracket through the total station, the accuracy of the anchor bolts inserted in the fixture can be guaranteed to be within the design range. When the special fixture is supported by an independent bracket in advance, the four corners use adjustable brackets to adjust the adjustable brackets on the four corners. The horizontal ruler set on the four sides of the fixture is used as a reference to make the fixture on a horizontal plane.

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