Questions about rusting of hot galvanized bolts

Hot-dip galvanized bolts are the main fasteners of the connecting machinery. Although the heat-resistant galvanized bolts are higher than the general bolts, they will inevitably encounter rust problems after use. So, how do we solve hot-dip galvanizing at the beginning Questions about rusty zinc bolts?

The hot-dip galvanized bolts should be replaced in time before the galvanizing. The high-purity reagents are used in the manufacture. Prevent impurities from bringing into the plating tank and ultimately affect the salt spray experiment. The degreasing and derusting of the electroplated workpieces should be complete. The degreasing tank and the pickling tank should clean up the dirt in time to prevent taking the next process and causing other tank liquid pollution. If there are too many impurities in the degreasing tank and pickling tank, they should be replaced in full.

Add brightener when galvanizing is produced, in line with the principle of less hard work, prevent excessive increase of brightener, timely deal with metal impurities and organic impurities in the bath, and filter the plating solution. (Should be used to improve the ability of loose and deep plating, good gloss in low current density area). Adhere to the cleaning of the galvanizing tank to prevent dirt from entering the plating tank. When the worker cleans the conductive bar of the galvanized tank, the copper bar of the conductive bar is not allowed to enter the plating solution.

When manufacturing the passivation solution, it is best to use pure water, and the tap water should also be clean; during the use of the passivation solution, adjust the pH of the HNO. The purity of NaOH should be high; the pH of the passivation solution should not be too low, and the passivation time should be appropriate. The clean water is updated quickly and the cleaning effect is good, laying an outstanding foundation for the next process. Try to keep the sink clean. The hot-dip galvanized bolt wire is stored in an excellent environment with dry, well-ventilated conditions, which does not contain corrosive gases, paint, plastics and other substances that generate organic volatile gases. If conditions permit, a firm inner packaging can be added for hot-dip galvanized screws, and a desiccant should be placed.

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