Introduction of specific uses and characteristics of non-slip hexagon socket bolts

In recent years, China's bolt market has broad development prospects. Many companies have stepped into this field and want to seize business opportunities. However, there are many types of bolts. Anti-slip hexagon socket bolts are one of them. Due to their wide use, the market More and more appear, but some people may not know the specific use and characteristics of this kind of bolt. Industry use The non-slip hexagon socket bolts are widely used in many industries, especially the most commonly used in machinery, because the non-slip hexagon socket wrench is basically a 90 ° turn, so that it can save effort and tighten the bolts when hitting the bolt . Product Features The non-slip hexagon socket head bolts have their own product characteristics. Let's take a good look at their characteristics. General anti-slip hexagon socket bolts often use Q235 wire, but there are also iron wires on the market. Different bolt wires affect the characteristics of anti-slip hexagon socket bolts. For example, stainless steel bolt wire is used. The hardness of stainless steel is relatively high, so the hardness of this bolt is relatively high. On the contrary, if an iron bolt is used, the hardness is not as good as that of stainless steel, because the texture of iron itself It is softer and the cost is relatively low. However, in order to allow iron bolts to reach a certain hardness, many processing plants generally heat-treat iron bolts. During the heat treatment, the bolts must be heated, or the hardness will not reach On the contrary, the production cost is increased, but even if the hardness is reached after heat treatment, due to the limitations of the wire itself, the quality of the iron anti-slip hexagon socket bolt is still not as good as that of the stainless steel wire.

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