Classification and application of hexagon flange bolts

The contact surface of the hexagon flange bolts is large, and it is used in combination with tapered and spherical gaskets. It is mainly used to fix two non-parallel parts.

The advantages of hexagon flange bolts:

1. Hexagon flange bolts can withstand high tensile, compressive, torsional, and shear strength. Carbon steel flanges are a better choice

2. The bolt connection is a fastener connection. Compared with other connection methods, it has advantages, convenient assembly and disassembly, is convenient for maintenance, can increase the pretension force to prevent loosening, and will not cause a phase change in the material composition of the connection

3. The hexagonal flange bolt steel has good plasticity, low strength and becomes hard.

Classification of hexagon flange bolts:

1. Hexagon head screw with hole bolt

The cotter pin hole is made through the wire hole on the screw, and the mechanical anti-loosening is adopted, and the anti-loosening is reliable

2. Hexagon head bolts

Bolts with reaming holes can accurately fix the position of the connected parts, and can withstand the shear and squeeze generated in the lateral direction.

Application of hexagon flange bolts:

The head of the hexagonal flange bolt is composed of two parts: the hexagonal head and the flange surface. This bolt can withstand a higher preload and has a better relaxation performance, so it is widely used in automotive engines, heavy machinery and other products.

The hexagon head has holes and bolts with caps. When in use, the bolts can be locked by mechanical methods to prevent loosening and reliable.

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