Cleaning work of blackened hexagon bolts

Method for cleaning blackened hexagon bolts:

1. Degreasing

The blackened hexagon bolts will pass through several machines filled with oil during the production process. Therefore, when the screws are finished, there will be oil stains on the surface, you need to clean them to restore the bolts. When cleaning, pour into the stainless steel cleaning special degreasing Liquid, wash at room temperature for 3 ~ 8 minutes, then rinse with water to dry.

2. Descaling

The oxide scale produced by some blackened hexagon bolts during the production process also needs to be removed here to restore the shiny appearance. It is the same as the method of degreasing. Pour the special cleaning agent into the mechanical vibration tank at normal temperature , Wash the bolts with mechanical vibration for 2 ~ 30 minutes, and then clean and filter again.

3. Polishing

Polishing is also a common method of surface treatment of bolts. It requires the use of a machine and abrasive to grind the burrs and protrusions on the surface of the blackened hexagon bolts to make them bright. After the grinding, a cleaning step is required to make The surface is brighter.

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