Screw Quality Problems

The screw produced may be unreasonable in terms of production, which may cause screw quality problems. In production, many quality problems may be found during delivery. Let's talk about the quality problems that screws often encounter and the reasons for the quality problems. Finally, some solutions are proposed.

1. The screw head is deformed and the head is distorted. The possible causes are poor installation of the punch of the screw mold and improper adjustment.

2. The head of the screw is not round. The reason is that the selection of one die of the screw die is improper or the one die is not full.

3. The screw has burrs or burrs. The reason is that the forming of one punch is bad, mainly caused by the gap between the punch and the die hole is too large or the punch is too short.

4. The screw head is cracked, and the screw head is cracked. The reason may be that the quality of the screw wire itself is defective, so before starting the screw wire, the quality department must check it and use the medicine to order it. Especially for stainless steel screw wires, it is necessary to check which is stainless steel 201 and the other is stainless steel 304. It may also be caused by the wrong use of a die (such as a die with a hexagonal washer for the disc head) and the failure of the viscosity of the lubricant.

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