Installation Process Of Anchor Bolt

The installation of anchor bolts is generally divided into 4 processes.

1. Verticality of anchor bolt

The anchor bolts should be installed vertically without tilting.

2. Laying of anchor bolts

During the installation of the anchor bolts, the second grouting of the dead anchor bolts is often encountered, that is, when the foundation is poured, the reserved holes for the anchor bolts are reserved on the foundation in advance, and the anchors are put on when installing the equipment Bolt, then use concrete or cement mortar to irrigate the anchor bolt.

3. Installation of anchor bolts-tighten

4. Make the construction records of the corresponding anchor bolt installation

During the installation process of the anchor bolts, the corresponding construction records should be made in detail to truly reflect the type and specifications of the anchor bolts, so as to provide effective technical information for future maintenance and replacement.

Generally, the embedded with high installation accuracy must be made into a ground cage first (it needs to be worn on the embedded steel plate with bolt holes and fitted with nuts to tighten it. The embedded parts are tied to the formwork and fixed before pouring. You can guarantee the installation size of the foot bolts. If you want to save materials, you can also use steel bar welding to fix it. After welding, you need to check the geometric size. At this point, the foot bolt installation is really completed.

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